Our world has become increasingly dependent upon the continuous availability of electrical power. Sophisticated technology has reached deeply into our lives and is continually changing the way we interact with the rest of the world.

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As this demand increases year on year, so does pressure on the UK’s electrical Distribution Networks and it’s Operators (DNOs).

Power quality problems make their effects felt in three general areas: downtime, equipment problems, and energy costs. The effects of large scale power incidents are well documented with many of the mysteries of equipment failure, shut downs, software and data corruption costing industry & commerce billions of £ per year globally.

However, not all power problems affecting us today are generated external to the facility. Our increasing reliance on technology means many problems are actually created within the users own electrical infrastructure.

This creates a two-fold challenge; where exactly is the source of your problems, and what can you do to combat them. Simply applying Power Quality Instrumentation is not enough, the real key to success is not only knowing where and how to measure, but how to interpret the wealth of data and then select the appropriate counter measures.

We specialize in advanced Power Quality Analysis and consistent compliance testing;

  • Verify compliance with standards and resolve disputes with DNO
  • Receive essential and critical data in ‘real time’ via your desktop or mobile device.
  • Benchmark large property portfolios and multi-site performance
  • Correlate data with events or datasets from other instruments with precision
  • Provide trend diagrams for root cause analysis, statistical summaries, reports and real-time data monitoring

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