An EICR is a program of Electrical Inspection & Testing designed to ensure the safe continued use of the electrical installation within any given premises.

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Fixed wire inspection & testing (EICR)

All electrical installations will degrade over time due to varying factors. Accessories such as sockets can sustain damage, cables will deteriorate and connections can become loose. The severity of degradation is even more marked within installations where adverse elements are present. Extremes of temperature, corrosive chemicals, environmental influence or poor maintenance regimes are all contributing factors.

Regulations, legislation and Insurance requirements state that compliance is not an option, and therefore all electrical systems must be periodically inspected & tested to protect people and property against the effects of fire, shock and burns.

Safety and efficiency is key to business success. Finding a problem before it becomes critical can you save you time, money and even lives, so as an organisation you need to be confident you are working with partners you can trust.

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