There is an inherent health and safety risk wherever an electrical system exists. Managing this risk effectively enables those responsible to avoid electricity related incidents that can result in serious injury or fatality, disruption to business operations, financial penalties and prosecution.

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Electrical Risk Assessments

This service provides support and assistance to those who are responsible for the management of electrical safety and those procedures necessary to control the risks associated with an electrical system.

By using principles rather than national legislation or specific standards we design and implement the necessary processes and procedures to suit the needs of each organisation with regards to managing electrical safety.

Activities are then categorised into policy, procedure and people as well as the management of specific issues related to electrical safety.

Key objectives

In achieving this aim, we have the following objectives

  • To provide the good practice practical guidance in the form of a self-assessment so that users can follow a systematic approach to understanding the management of various aspects of an electrical system for their organisations.
  • To enable the guidance to be understood and usable by a broad range of individuals from technical and non-technical disciplines.
  • To enable the end user to create and implement an effective electrical safety management system where nothing is currently in place or to enhance an existing system.

Types of Organisation

This system can be applied to the buildings, facilities, equipment and environments associated with a wide range of organisations, irrespective of size, which includes the industrial, commercial and public sectors. Examples of these include, but are not limited to:

  • Hotel, Leisure, and catering
  • Central and local government premises
  • Educational buildings and campuses
  • Emergency services premises
  • Healthcare establishments and estates
  • Manufacturing, industrial, construction, warehousing and distribution sites
  • Offices
  • Residential property management
  • Retail premises
  • Transport, ports and terminals
  • Utilities

Who should use this service?

It will be of assistance to a range of duty holders who may not be from a traditional electrically trained background but whose job functions include the management of safety for an electrical system, including those responsible for;

  • Ensuring that an appropriate electrical safety policy and associated procedures exist
  • Ensuring these procedures are implemented
  • The management of specific electrical tasks
  • The safe condition of equipment and machinery.

If you are uncertain about your electrical responsibilities and risks, this service defines and establishes a clear process and system which can be integrated as part of an organisations overall management system and subsequent business planning to ensure that electrical safety matters are adequately controlled.

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