Our Inspection & Testing Division incorporates compliance with built in analysis,delivered using smart technology

Test Inc. is one of the UK’s leading service companies providing a comprehensive range of specialist Preventative, Predictive and Periodic maintenance solutions across a vast range of installations and system types Nationwide. We partner with building owners, occupiers, and facilities companies to deliver a unique programme of pioneering services and performance.

This combination of smart systems and engineering expertise enables us to simultaneously minimize risks, reduce energy costs and improve the value and lifecycle of your electro mechanical infrastructure. Read more about us

Start with compliance…

Compliance is not an option, so as an organisation you need to be confident you are working with partners you can trust. Anybody who operates buildings and systems has only one goal; they should be safe, run fault-free and cost effectively with little maintenance effort. At Test Inc. our mission is to protect our clients at the front line, the places where they operate and the value we create.

We understand that operating in complex and technically demanding environments requires particular sensitivity to your business or organizational needs, and so to help you meet today’s challenges, our strategies, experience and expertise means we are perfectly placed to deliver the full range of benefits to be gained by working with one trusted partner.

Analysis built in…

In an economic climate that is more competitive and complex than ever before, companies and organisations need to focus on improving performance and business efficiency. Our advanced energy auditing analysis service gives us a strong in-sight into key areas for energy and cost reduction programs.

The effective combination of knowledge, skill and world class cutting edge technology enables us to quickly identify and eliminate energy waste throughout the entire electro-mechanical system. Our flexibility means we can monitor electrical consumption data across any size network, from an entire system, through to an individual machine, circuit or component.

Delivered using smart technology.

In a fast moving world you need functional & precise information, right now. We utilize world class cutting edge technology to deliver critical & essential data to our clients in real-time. We believe our development and integration of technology is central to our reputation, providing us and our clients with a competitive advantage. For us, technology is the practical application of engineering knowledge and experience to manage risks, capture business value and inform strategy development.

  • Receive essential and critical data in ‘real time’ via your desktop or mobile device.
  • Benchmark large property portfolios and multi-site performance
  • Correlate data with events or datasets from other instruments with precision.
  • Provide trend diagrams for root cause analysis, statistical summaries, reports and real-time data monitoring.